Customer Stories

See how our customers have used Ortelia Curator to improve their productivity

"I’ve been a fan of Ortelia since 2006 and utilised Ortelia Curator for a range of virtual exhibition, education, archiving and curatorial activities.

With 25 years in the gallery and museum sector, as an education officer, gallery director and now as an independent curator, I find Ortelia Curator a unique and complete application for developing and managing exhibitions.

During the development stage Ortelia Curator allows me to remotely work on exhibition, to shape and test the content without having to be on the premisses. The virtual view and screen shots makes it easy for my professional or volunteer clients to follow the development, determine the narrative and understand the final outcome.

For touring shows I work with the venue prior to the exhibition’s arrival to determine the layout and discuss any requirements. I use their floor-plan to create a virtual view of the space and ‘hang’ the exhibition, detailing the distance between objects, the location of signage and to specify the lighting. The screen shots are a useful reference for exhibition and education staff and they greatly streamline the installation process.

I find Ortelia Curator to be an invaluable communication, planning and management tool.

At some stage, when I have time, I would like to program an Ortelia gallery, designed by a leading architect, that presents a range of online exhibitions, accommodating artists and visitors from any country. It would be gallery that is always open and one that could improved access to interesting art and artists."

John Waldron, Blue Sky View

"In 2012, NETS Australia [National Exhibitions Touring Support] embarked on a new 4 year project with the aim to provide cutting-edge, contemporary digital media art to regional and remote audiences across Australia and develop a series of virtual curatorial and online engagement tools.

After becoming aware of the Curator software program currently available to museums and galleries, NETS Australia approached Ortelia Interactive with the brief to include moving image and sound based art work into their current software. This allows curators of exhibitions with digital and moving image based work to visualise there design in 3D and test for the practical concerns of sound and light bleed within the virtual space. Ortelia more than rose to the challenge. They went straight to work to input these additions plus many others on our behalf, and continue to work closely with us to fine tune the useability, functionality and flexibility of this excellent and essential tool for all involved in exhibition design and development.

We look forward to more successful, collaborative projects in the future."

Rachel Arndt, Gallery Programs and Touring Exhibitions Manager Museums & Galleries of NSW.